29. 06. 2017

“We are particularly interested in driverless cars, nanotechnology, cybernetics, robotics,” said the Israeli Minister for Science, Technology and Space Ofir Akunis on his first official visit to Prague. At Hrzánský Palace in Hradčany, he met at a ceremonial lunch with Vice Prime Minister Pavel Bělobrádek, president of the Czech Academy of Sciences Eva Zažímalová and president of the Czech Science Foundation Alice Valkárová. A press conference followed.

On this occasion, Ofir Akunis visited the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS and the supermodern research centre focused on laser technologies ELI Beamlines, which is in Dolní Břežany and is coordinated by the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences. “It is a fascinating space and I hope that we will use it a great deal in future,” added Akunis with a reference to the fact that the centre should be fully operational from next year.

The president of the Czech Academy of Sciences then added that thanks to support from the Office of the Government managed to prepare more than 100 business trips for talented scientific employees to Israel, namely across a wide range of fields, a selection procedure is not taking place for two postdoctoral positions at the Weizmann Institute of Science, which is one of the most prestigious scientific workplaces in the world.

“I am very glad that our cooperation is getting started in a good direction. That is, it worked before, but it is greatly supported also by the Government of the Czech Republic,” said Eva Zažímalová.

Prepared by: Alice Horáčková, Department of Media Communication of the CAS
Photo: Jan Martinek