16. 05. 2022
Taking care of a family is hard work. Not only are cuckoos well aware of this, but some species of fish are as well – for instance, catfish found in Lake Tanganyika in Africa. ...
13. 05. 2022
Two new high-energy gamma-ray Cherenkov telescopes are now observing the skies from the observatory of the Astronomical Institute of the CAS in Ondřejov, Czech Republic. ...
12. 05. 2022
The most accurate method of nuclear reaction analysis, accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS), is capable of detecting up to a million times less radionuclides than other methods. ...
09. 05. 2022
Millions of years ago, fungi made it possible for plants to make the transition from water to land, and they continue to help them to this day by being a source of hard-to-find nutrients and helping their hosts overcome stress. ...
05. 05. 2022
In the coming years, the Czech energy sector will be defined by the global geopolitical situation and the related search for alternatives to natural gas as well as the development of nuclear resources. ...
02. 05. 2022
The subject of thrift at a time of war in Ukraine, rising commodity prices, and climate uncertainty resonates in the public sphere. But behind this seemingly simple and universally valid idea lies a world of paradoxes. ...
27. 04. 2022
In the years to come, one of the priorities of the Czech Republic is to become a European leader in science and research. ...
22. 04. 2022
Astronomers from the Ondřejov Observatory of the Astronomical Institute of the CAS have modernised and assumed responsibility of the ESO 1.52-metre telescope of the European Southern Observatory La Silla in Chile. ...



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