22. 02. 2024
Garry Kasparov, the world-renowned chess grandmaster and former world chess champion, Russian political activist in exile and opponent of Vladimir Putin’s regime, was received today at the Czech Academy of Sciences by its President, Eva ...
21. 02. 2024
War, persecution, and human rights violations threaten scientists not only in Ukraine, but in other parts of the world as well. ...
20. 02. 2024
While there are 2.1 million described animal species in the world, about one quarter of them face extinction. Which ecological communities will survive? Are those with a more diverse constitution more resilient? ...
06. 02. 2024
Discussed topics included sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation in the age of climate change, and epigenetic therapy for cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and diseases of civilisation. ...
05. 02. 2024
More than 300,000 years ago, the anatomically modern human emerged in Africa. From there, Homo sapiens migrated to Asia and Europe. For more than 25 years, anthropologist Viktor Černý has been exploring the genetic traces of the modern human. ...
29. 01. 2024
Over the next five years, three new Strategy AV21 programmes of the CAS will help decipher the unknown variables of our world: Identities in a World of Wars and Crises, Fungi – New Threats and Opportunities, and Space for Humankind, which builds ...
17. 01. 2024
It may be Earth’s similarly sized neighbour, but not even the toughest organism on our planet could survive there. Venus is sometimes called Earth’s infernal twin. ...
10. 01. 2024
How did insects get their wings? A still unsolved mystery of evolution. Despite years of research, it is not entirely clear which body structure insect wings actually evolved from and what their original function was prior to being able to ...



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