03. 01. 2022
It has already been 23 months since the Solar Orbiter spacecraft left the Earth. Now, it enters its main scientific phase and soon, it will observe the Sun and its characteristics from a close distance. ...
20. 12. 2021
World War II also had its heroines. In the British Army Auxiliary Corps, Czechoslovakian women served not only as cooks or office workers, but also as drivers, meteorologists, interpreters, armorers and convoy commanders. ...
07. 12. 2021
How did the ancient people obtain, combine and preserve the scents of plants? What perfumes did they make of them? Although only little remains of the ancient knowledge, a scientist wants to experimentally reconstruct the process of preparing ...
01. 12. 2021
Czech scientists succeeded in confirming the presence of sigma-holes in atoms of halogen elements, which until now existed only in theory. They used their own improved method of scanning electron microscopy. ...
22. 11. 2021
The recent release of 52 lynx into the Polish wild does not meet international criteria, according to Czech scientists and conservationists who point that out. ...
11. 11. 2021
A plant does not always grow as it should, and sometimes, the problem is right at the start - in the seed. After years of research, scientists have found a new mechanism that influences seed production and quality in plants. ...
08. 11. 2021
Seven days full of the best of what the Czech Academy of Sciences does. The first year of the science festival called The Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences ended on Sunday, 7th November. ...
03. 11. 2021
A decades-old enigma is now answered: people domesticated modern horses about 4000 years ago in the Pontic-Caspian steppes. ...



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