18. 04. 2024
It’s been 165 years since the first edition of Darwin’s groundbreaking book On the Origin of Species came out. Despite advancements of the most modern research methods, the fundamental questions remain the same. How do new species emerge? ...
09. 04. 2024
We use our eyes to acquire over 80 percent of all information from our surroundings. Why is it sight that has prevailed over our other senses? How come we don’t go crazy from the influx of visual stimuli? And what actually sticks? ...
08. 04. 2024
The Academy’s historic first “AKAtournament” in badminton showcased sporting talents (not only) from among scientists. ...
28. 03. 2024
Only male edible frogs live in the Poodří region, with no females present. Even so, these frogs still reproduce with the help of partners from another frog species. ...
22. 03. 2024
World Water Day is held on 22 March, declared by the UN in 1993 to remind us of the importance of this liquid substance vital for our entire planet. Saying that life on Earth wouldn’t exist without it may be a cliché, but it’s true. ...
11. 03. 2024
Not everyone is lucky enough to work on a discovery that is of a textbook-rewriting nature, altering the existing knowledge of human history. However, Vitaly Usyk, who co-authored a groundbreaking new study published in Nature, has succeeded. ...
06. 03. 2024
When did members of the genus Homo first appear on the European continent after leaving Africa? Until now, the caves in Atapuerca, Spain, and Vallonnet, France, were regarded as the first inhabited locations in Europe (1.2–1.1 million years ago). ...
22. 02. 2024
Garry Kasparov, the world-renowned chess grandmaster and former world chess champion, Russian political activist in exile and opponent of Vladimir Putin’s regime, was received today at the Czech Academy of Sciences by its President, Eva ...



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