05. 12. 2023
Multiscale materials could find practical applications in electrical engineering, medicine, and environmental technologies. Their research and development is being carried out by researchers as part of the AMULET project led by the J. ...
30. 11. 2023
In the tenth jubilee year of the in-house photo contest of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the winner became the photo by Dušan Tichoň from the Institute of Physics of Materials of the CAS entitled “The Life Form of Iron”. ...
28. 11. 2023
With a bit of imagination, we can picture the Gemin3 protein as a sort of molecular hairdresser. The protein, discovered almost 25 years ago, was known to be essential, as no organism can survive without it. ...
22. 11. 2023
From the outer ear to the auditory nerve. A new complete computer model of the ear, developed by researchers at the IOCB of the CAS, will allow the non-invasive study of hearing in mammals, including humans, on an unprecedented scale. ...
10. 11. 2023
On 9 November 2023, three internationally renowned researchers from the Czech Academy of Sciences received the Academic Award – Praemium Academiae from the President of the CAS, Eva Zažímalová. ...
06. 11. 2023
The third annual Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences took place from 6–12 November 2023, opening the doors of research institutions in 22 locations across the Czech Republic. ...
23. 10. 2023
About eighty minutes. That’s how long it takes for barley cells to divide. Plant geneticists from the Institute of Experimental Botany of the CAS have brought this previously unknown information to light. And in real time, too. ...
18. 10. 2023
In cooperation with specialists from MIT, the Masaryk Institute and Archives of the CAS is developing unique software that will enable researchers to search through and contextualise a tremendous number of digitised historical sources and ...



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