10. 06. 2024
Bones, ceramic shards, and jewelry give archaeologists clues about ancient history. In contrast, fragments of centuries-old textiles long seemed worthless, yet they too offer unique testimonies, as shown by the fabrics found in graves at Prague ...
28. 05. 2024
The coins had been buried for roughly 900 years until a woman stumbled upon them while walking across a plowed field. Initially stored in a ceramic vessel, the coins were found scattered both on and below the surface. ...
21. 05. 2024
The Czech Republic is the second country after Poland to establish Dioscuri Centers of Scientific Excellence, initiated by the Max Planck Society. ...
20. 05. 2024
World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20 – the birthday of Anton Janša, one of the founders of modern beekeeping. The purpose of this day is to highlight the importance of pollinators for our planet. ...
14. 05. 2024
Cosmic rays from outer space constantly bombard Planet Earth. It is likely that the highest-energy cosmic ray particles penetrate our atmosphere much deeper than previously thought, and thus may also be significantly heavier. ...
06. 05. 2024
According to the newest UniSAFE data, two out of three individuals have at one point encountered gender-based violence (GBV) in academia. Nonetheless, it remains an issue that is neglected in research institutions and universities. ...
26. 04. 2024
Jokingly dubbed “the expert on greasy dishes” by her relatives, Veronika Brychová finds herself peering into the culinary habits of ancient peoples through shards of prehistoric pottery, using fat residues to uncover what our ancestors cooked – ...
18. 04. 2024
It’s been 165 years since the first edition of Darwin’s groundbreaking book On the Origin of Species came out. Despite advancements of the most modern research methods, the fundamental questions remain the same. How do new species emerge? ...



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