The Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) considers continuing education and research-based qualifications development an important part of its responsibility. With this in view, the Council for Cooperation with Universities and Graduate Study Programmes has been established as the major advisory body of the CAS Academy Council. The Academy systematically intensifies its collaboration with universities through involvement in university educational programmes, by arranging and participating in graduate and post-graduate training programmes for young researchers and through its scientists' teaching at universities.

Course in the Fundamentals of Research Work Administered by the CAS

The course is intended to acquaint beginning graduate students with basic principles of presenting the results of research work and with other important facts which will be of use for their career in research. Within the international context, the CAS recognises a growing need to devote the fullest attention to the systematic preparation of graduate students for research work.

The CAS organises one-week courses on the fundamentals in research work several times a year in Prague and Brno. It is intended for 25–30 graduate students. The course is not compulsory and is offered at no cost. Each participant receives attendance confirmation at the end of the course.

To apply, it is necessary to submit a properly completed application form to Ing. Alice Stará, Secretariat of the Council for Cooperation with Universities and Graduate Study Programmes, CAS, Národní 3, 110 00 Prague 1, or submit it by fax +420 221 403 512.

Written consent of the supervisor to the graduate student's participation in the course is required in the application.