Galerie Věda a umění (Science and Art Gallery)

The gallery located in the main building of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a unique place which brings together science and art, following in the footsteps of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts founded in 1890 thanks to the support of Czech architect and builder Josef Hlávka. Visitors have a unique opportunity to explore not only individual facets of art, but also to delve into the hidden aspects of science by way of popular educational exhibits, artefacts, and works of art.

Open weekdays 10 AM – 6 PM.
Admission to the exhibitions is free.
Location of the gallery:
Headquarters of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Národní 3, Prague 1 – entrance from the foyer.

Current exhibition

The Microscopic Enigma of Floral Development

The Microscopic Enigma of Floral Development exhibition is on view at the Science and Art Gallery of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS). The unique electron microscope images depict the reproductive and sexual parts of flowering flora (stamens, pistils, ovules) in larger-than-life format.

Visitors will be able to take a close look at the ingenuity of evolution at the CAS on Národní Street, Prague from 6 March to 14 June 2024. Free admission, Czech-language only.

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Contact information

Johana Studničková
Centre of Administration and Operations of the CAS
Division of External Relations – Public Outreach Department

Národní 1009/3, 110 00 Prague 1

phone: +420 221 403 43
mobile: +420 730 598 533

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Past Exhibitions

Nov 2023–Jan 2024 | Photogenic Science 2023

2023 marked the tenth jubilee year of the in-house photo contest of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Photogenic Science. Each year, the project, initiated by the Forum Věda Žije! collective, showcases the winning photos at an end-of-the-year exhibition. Because 2023 marked the ten-year anniversary of the contest, the organisers compiled and published a more than 100-page photo book covering the decade-long project, showcasing both the winning images as well as the stories behind the creation of each ‘photo of the year’, as selected by an expert jury.

2023-11-27_Veda fotogenicka_web-81

More information (and winning photos) here.

Sept–Nov 2023 | Czechoslovakia, The New Homeland: Emigration from the former Russian Empire to interwar Czechoslovakia

During the interbellum period, many outstanding representatives of various professions emigrated from the former Russian Empire and found a new home in Czechoslovakia. Among them were prominent engineers, scientists, and doctors, who subsequently contributed to the development of Czechoslovak technologies, industry, natural sciences, and medicine. The (Czech-only) exhibition focused on notable émigrés who were instrumental in advancing science in Czechoslovakia. It showcased select figures, their life stories, and, above all, the results of their work by means of contemporary photographs, documents, and exhibits.


Jun–Aug 2023 | Round Tables, Backrooms, and Parties: Parliamentary Events after 1990 through the Lens of an MP and Professional Photographer

The renowned photographer Dagmar Hochová captured how the new democratic culture in the wake of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia was taking shape and what was happening behind the scenes in the Czech National Council (the predecessor of the Chamber of Deputies). The collection of exclusive photographs was on view from June to August 2023 at the CAS HQ at Národní Street in Prague.

Jednací stoly, kuloáry i večírky

More information here (Czech only).

Mar–Jun 2023 | Great Moravian Mikulčice Virtually

Animations of jewels, 3D virtual models of long-gone architecture, and reconstructions of what the stronghold of Valy near Mikulčice might have looked like more than one thousand years ago. The virtual aspect of the Great Moravian Mikulčice Virtually exhibition is two-fold – it draws attention to the visually appealing format and also refers to the importance of modern technology for contemporary archaeology. Visitors have the chance to examine the scientific findings and otherwise inaccessible artefacts up close. A Czech-English exhibition catalogue, published by the Institute of Archaeology of the CAS in Brno, is also available. The exhibition was on view at the CAS headquarters from March to June 2023. 

More information here.

Nov 2022Jan 2023 | Photogenic Science 2022

The exhibition presented the winning photo entries of the annual Photogenic Science contest, organised by the CAS as an in-house competition, where CAS employees submit their entries capturing the aesthetics of science amid the daily goings-on of researchers and the world of research. Apart from the main category, 2022's edition comprised the "Scientists and adventure" category and the newly added "video" category. All entries can be viewed here, the shortlisted photos here.

More information here.


Aug–Nov 2022 | Czechoslovakia in the Orient: The Orient in Czechoslovakia 1918–1938

The exhibition presented the scientific, political, and economic relations of interwar Czechoslovakia with the vast territories and countries spanning the Middle East and the Far East (East and Southeast Asia). It was on view at the CAS Science and Art Gallery (Galerie Věda a umění) in Prague from 23 August 2022 to 6 November 2022. During the Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences (31 October – 6 November 2022), it was also open on weekends.

More information here.