Fellowships and employment


The Researchers at Risk Fellowship (hereinafter “RISK Programme”) is a programme that is focused on researchers whose scientific work is at risk due to threats of war, persecution, human rights violations, and other life-threatening dangers they may face. The RISK Programme enables them to temporarily continue their research in a safe environment at the CAS institutes in the Czech Republic for a maximum of 24 months.

The deadline for submission of application forms within the second call is 29 February 2024.  

The proposal is exclusively submitted by individual CAS institutes which incorporate the applicant into one of their research teams or departments. The applicant cannot directly apply for this programme. The applicant is required to contact the respective CAS institute to put together an application, either directly or indirectly, via Magdaléna Jiráčková ( 

The deadline for submission of application forms is 29 February 2024.  

Checklist for the applicants:

  1. Check the information about the programme (ENG / CZE).
  2. Contact the respective CAS institute, either
    1. directly –  list of the CAS institutes
    2. indirectly – via Magdaléna Jiráčková (tel. 221 403 287,, the contact person who will assist applicants with the selection of the appropriate CAS institute.
  3. Cooperate with the CAS institute on the application.