We understand partnership as financial, non-financial or voluntary support and other, diverse forms of activity and cooperation within the preparations, operation and implementation of supported activities, projects or the institutes of the ASCR themselves connected to this support or building on it. Partnership provides both partners with the possibility to share a joint vision, utilise together our own experience/knowledge and bring impulses for the further development of the cooperation, form new joint projects, forms of cooperation and mutual promotion. The advantage of the partner approach is the long-term shared knowledge of the partners, the field of their activities, interests and needs. Thanks to this, the process of support and cooperation takes place much more simply and effectively. The interest of the organisers (ASCR) of the projects is to build a long-tem, full-fledged and mutually beneficial partnership.
Types of partnership categories and their titles

The partnership categories and the consideration provided always develop from mutual discussions and the current possibilities. The aim is for the supported to projects to correspond strategically with the marketing and communication plans of our partners. The partner can be placed in various categories or labelled with diverse titles depending on the number of partners and the method of partnership.


How to became our Partner

If you or your company are interested in becoming a partner of the Academy of Sciences of the CR, contact us by email at partnerstvi@ssc.cas.cz or in writing at:

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