The Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a significant scientific institution which builds on a more than two-hundred-year tradition of academies and scientific societies here in our territory. The main mission of the CAS and its institutes is the implementation of basic research in a wide spectrum of natural, technical, humanities and social sciences. This research endeavours to advance knowledge on an international level, while respecting the current needs of Czech society and domestic culture. The institutes of the CAS are involved in education as well, primarily through the training of young researchers when they implement their doctoral study programmes, but also through the teaching activities of their employees at higher education institutes.

The CAS is financed for the most part from the state budget. Besides the institutional financing of the research plans of the institutes of the CAS, goal-oriented financing, focused on the resolution of scientific projects and grants selected in public competitions, has become more distinctly used. The achievement and maintenance of top-tier research and development and the application of research results will naturally depend to a great extent not only on the above-mentioned support from the state, the European Union, and possibly other partners, but also on the support provided by non-public sources.
The subject of support and partnership is the engagement of significant institutions in the area of science and business, development of cooperation with applied research and industry, formation of shared values, and space for sharing mutual goals and strategies through the support of science and popularisation efforts. The support of a scientific institution is always perceived by society as an important act in the area of social responsibility endeavours of companies and organisations, which can significantly contribute to building the good name of the partnering entity.
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