The Department of Language Studies of the Czech Language Institute of the CAS is organising a crash course in Czech for newcomers from Ukraine

The course is free and the first lesson will take place on 1 April 2022 (see attached flyer in Czech, Ukrainian, and English). The whole course is divided into 4 blocks of 180 minutes, i.e., 16 lessons in total. The content of the course, teaching materials, and lesson plans for lecturers are put together by methodologist Kamila Linková in cooperation with methodologists and lecturers of Czech for foreigners Markéta Slezáková and Petra Honzáková. The demand for the course already far exceeds the capacity of the volunteer lecturers, but the teaching materials will be developed in such a way to allow them to be used by other institutions that could teach the course.

You can register here (or here for ukrainian version). For more information.

In addition to the course, we are also offering a walking tour of Letná for Ukrainian parents with their children. The walk will take place on 10 April at 3 PM. We will meet at the Chotkovy sady tram stop (tram nos. 2, 12, 18, 20). The walk is organised by Hana Prokšová.

You can register for it here. For more information.

rychlokurz eng

Free entrance to the Průhonice park for the citizens of Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens who prove themselves with Ukrainian documents or visas issued by our authorities, have free entry to Průhonice Park.

Průhonický park

Workshop for children

As part of their spring workshops for children, the Institute of Experimental Botany (IEB) has decided to include a programme for Ukrainian children to offer them comfort during these difficult times. Kids will get the chance try out what it’s like to be a botanist. The time and date of the event is to be decided according to availability (usually a Saturday). An interpreter will be present at the event. Please spread the word to those who might want to attend. If there will be a high demand, IEB is ready to host events for Ukrainian children on a regular basis. We are looking forward to giving the children a warm welcome!

На тлі непростого сьогодення ми вирішили додати до весняних дитячих воркшопів спеціальну програму для маленьких українців. Діти познайомляться з працею та життям рослинних біологів, а також легко та цікаво проведуть час. Дату виберемо під зручність учасників (зазвичай це субота). Акція буде проводитись разом з україномовними науковцями та перекладачами. Якщо буде цікаво – будеме раді проводити регулятні заняття для українських дітей. Передайте, будь ласка, цю інформацію знайомим та друзям. Чекаємо на зустріч!

A get-together for kids

EURAXESS Czech Republic is organising a “get-together for kids” for the growing community of families of Ukrainian scientists. The event will be held at Villa Lanna on Wednesday, 16 March 2022 from 2:00–5:00 PM. We have prepared a program for the children including a clown performance, a mini disco, and many other activities. Parents will have the chance to get to know each other and share their experiences and support, or can just relax and have fun with their kids. Refreshments will be provided for everyone. Due to limited capacity, registration is required.

EURAXESS CZ Dětské odpoledne

Czech universities have responded to the situation in Ukraine by offering various forms of assistance to Ukrainian students, academic workers, and researchers who have found themselves in a difficult situation and need help.