03. 01. 2018

Since 2004, the Institute of Mathematics of the CAS has organized prestigious lectures in honour of Eduard Čech (1893–1960), one of the most important Czech mathematicians of the 20th century. On Thursday, 14th December, Prof. Giovanni P. Galdi from the University of Pittsburgh gave his lecture. He is also the first foreign expert invited to the Institute of Mathematics of the CAS for the recently established position of the so-called Eduard Čech Distinguished Visitor. The programme’s aim is to attract outstanding mathematicians from all over the world to the Czech Republic.

“We established the Eduard Čech Distinguished Visitor Programme at the impetus of the Council of the Institute of Mathematics of the CAS. We want to bring mathematicians to us who, by their creative thinking, contribute to the creative environment here and at other workplaces,” said Director of the Institute of Mathematics of the CAS Jiří Rákosník.

In his lecture, Prof. Giovanni P. Galdi dealt with a number of important tasks in the area of the mathematical theory of the mutual interaction of liquids and solid substances and presented some new results and open questions both for solid and for elastic objects.

Giovanni P. Galdi was born in Naples in 1947, where he also completed his studies of physics at the University of Naples. He currently works as a professor at the University of Pittsburgh in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science.

Prepared by: Vlaďka Coufalová, Department of Media Communication of the Head Office of the CAS
Photo: Pavlína Jáchimová, Division of External Relations of the CAO of the CAS