05. 10. 2018

The Czech Academy of Sciences has attained excellent results in the current lists of the Nature Index, which monitors the count of high-quality articles in selected science journals. Compared with the previous year, the Academy experienced an increase of 18.2 %, gaining 19th place in the worldwide category of government institutions

In the recently published list for 2017, the Czech Academy of Sciences also experienced good results in the overall comparision of all research institutions where it took 160th place. Also of note are the results of Czech universities: in the overall table, Charles University has 462nd place, in the category of universities 359th place (with an increase of 1.4 % compared with the previous year), while Masaryk University occupies 418th place in the same category (with an increase of 24.8 %).

The Nature Index takes into account articles published in 82 high-quality journals covering natural sciences. This September, the Nature Index has included the Czech Republic (together with countries such as Norway or Austria) among six challenger states with the highest increase since 2015. In the Czech Republic, the top rising institutions were the Czech Academy of Sciences, Masaryk University, and Silesian University.

Prepared by: Milan Pohl, Department of Media Communication of the Head Office of the CAS