18. 05. 2018

We are currently seeking student research assistants to help with site selection, field sampling, greenhouse bioassays, earthworm surveys and small laboratory analyses.  The work is part of two research projects: (1) tree-based intercropping to improve arbuscular mycorrhizal abundance in soil, and (2) earthworm communities in forested riparian buffer strips and their effects on soil greenhouse gas emissions. The students will be supervised by researchers at the Institute of Soil Biology (Na Sádkách 702/7, České Budějovice).

These summer positions are targeting undergraduate students majoring in agriculture, ecology, plant science or general biology.  The job will provide valuable research experience for those students wanting to accede to graduate studies. The job also provides relevant work experience for students wishing to follow a career path in the environmental sciences.

The duration of the contract is variable and negotiable. Typically, we expect students to work 4 or 5 days (i.e. 28 or 35 hours) per week and can last 6 to 10 weeks, according to the students’ schedules. Net payment will be 200 Kc per hour. This amount will be paid in full to the student, without deductions. A driver’s license and some knowledge of the English language are both assets.

If interested, please send an email, with an attached one-page CV and a short introduction letter, to the following two addresses:

Prepared by: Institute of Soil Biology, České Budějovice
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