06. 12. 2017

The Czech Academy of Sciences has issued a report accounting selected research results achieved by its scientific institutes in all research areas in 2016 and in early 2017. It outlines its research activities, as well as goals of the new research centres and facilities of the CAS and its new Strategy AV21, the main aim of which is to perform top-level multilateral interdisciplinary research reflecting the needs of contemporary society.

The book documents the CAS efforts to transfer research findings into practical outputs and its co-operation with partners in the industrial sphere, presents its co-operation with various institutions on international, regional and local levels and mentions some of the major social events and anniversaries marked by the CAS in 2016 and 2017. 

Prepared by: Jana Olivová, Division of External Relations of CAO
Photo by: Pavlína Jáchimová, Division of External Relations of CAO