17. 02. 2017

On 7 February 2017, the government approved a new system of the evaluation of research organizations, which was presented by Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Bělobrádek in cooperation with the Council for Research, Development and Innovation. Compared to the current system of evaluating the quantity of results of research organizations, there should be a shift in the next three years to a comprehensive assessment of the quality of research institutions, which corresponds to international standards.

The ministries with the agenda of research and development have long been waiting for the new evaluation principles. Especially the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and higher education institutes that need quality outputs of the assessment for efficient management.

The new evaluation system will be introduced gradually over the next three years. Regular annual evaluations of research organizations will take place and at the same time a complete evaluation will be introduced. From 2020, complete evaluations will take place in five-year cycles.

The basic principles of the new evaluation system include the division of research organizations at three different levels (national level or even central, evaluation on the level of the providers and evaluation for the management needs of the research organization). Research organizations will newly be divided into three groups in the assessment, namely higher education institutes, institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences and ministerial research organizations and organizations of industrial research.

An important change from the status quo will be the assessment of the level of international collaboration of the individual research organizations. A novelty will also be the evaluation of the the quality of research organizations using five basic modules, which include: Quality of selected results, Efficiency of the research, Social relevance of research, Viability and a module Strategy and conception of the research organizations. The relative significance of the modules will vary according to the position of the research organization in the research and development system.