TURECKO - 2016 TÜBA Academy Prizes

15. 06. 2016

TÜBA Academy Prizes are annually awarded to three of the nominated scientists each being in one of the following categories of sciences namely
1) Basic and Engineering sciences,
2) Health and Life sciences and
3) Social Sciences and Humanities.
Every year one of the prizes is awarded to scientists with Turkish connection, meaning those who work in Turkey and/or study Turkey. Academy Prize in Health and Life sciences is designated as the Turkish connection prize for this year.
TÜBA Academy Prizes are given to those scientists with ORIGINAL, LEADING and PATH-BREAKING works in their fields. Nominations are made by TÜBA members, academies and inter-academy organizations with which TÜBA is in cooperation and other science institutions and scientists invited as nominators. Members of TÜBA and those who take part in the evaluation process of the prizes cannot be nominated.
The nomination an outstanding scientist for each category of TÜBA Academy Prizes by 18 July 2016. Provide full CV of the nominee and a statement of reason for nomination.

Address for sending nominations: 

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