Lukáš HoudekLukáš Houdek is a Czech journalist, visual artist, and human rights activist. He graduated with a degree in Romani studies from the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague. He is the manager of the Czech governmental campaign against racism and hate violence, HateFree Culture. He is also involved in numerous humanitarian activities, for instance, a project of sunscreen production for people with albinism in Ghana. In his art projects, he deals with the topics of identity, hatred, and violence. He is also participating in several long-term projects studying the world of hijras in India. Since 2017, he has also been producing radio documentaries and a podcast. He was awarded the Czech Journalist Award in 2019 for his documentary on the stigmatization of people with albinism in Ghana. 


How strong is Czech society and how to fill the gaps between social groups

Society is as strong as it is able to protect its’ most vulnerable members. It is as strong as it is able to resist populist attempts to spread hate towards them. And it is as strong as it is able to deal with the demons and traumas of the past. What is the score of Czech society in this matter? Is its’ empathy with the human rights of the most marginalized groups changing over time? And is it possible to fill the vast gaps between diverse social groups that are more visible today than ever before?