Call for "Researchers at Risk Fellowship" - UKRAINE

10. 03. 2022

Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) announces a call for the researchers and PhD students from Ukraine under the new programme "Researchers at Risk Fellowship".

The programme aims to support researchers whose scientific work is threatened by war or persecution and other threats in their home country.

Eligible are researchers from all research fields, including scientists and PhD students, i. e., students in PhD programme or its equivalent as well as postdoctoral fellows who have already completed a PhD programme or its equivalent. 

The proposal is exclusively submitted by individual CAS institutes which incorporate the applicant into their research team or a department. Applicant cannot directly apply for this programme. Applicant must contact the respective CAS Institute to make an application.

The application form is available here: form.

Deadline for submission of application forms is 30 September 2022.

Notice (of 28/4/2022): The opportunity to submit proposals to the program of the international cooperation, the Researchers at Risk Fellowship program announced on March 10, 2022, has been closed on 28 April 2022 due to the exhaustion of the financial resources allocated for this purpose. After 28 April 2022 it will be possible to send proposals, however, there will be no guarantee of subsumption of such proposals to the evaluation process and subsequently providing financial support. In case, the additional financial resources are released, it will be possible to include these later adopted proposals in the evaluation, in the order of their adoption.

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