Barrande Mobility: Call for projects for the period 2023-2024

13. 05. 2022

The French Institute in Prague and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MSMT) has launched the Barrande Mobility Programme for the period 2023-2024, with the application deadline 30th June 2022. The objective of the call is to encourage the development of scientific cooperation between Czech and French institutions from the fields of basic research, by supporting the mobility of researchers collaborating on international projects.

The support for projects consists in financing travel and accommodation costs, where the sending party covers all costs (travel/accommodation/meals/fees). The Provider will provide support for one joint research project with a maximum amount of CZK 78 000/year, i.e. CZK 156 000 for the entire duration of the project. Only a research organisation can be an applicant for institutional support.

The application must be submitted simultaneously by the Czech team in the Czech Republic (to MŠMT) and the French team in France (to Campus France), in accordance with the criteria established by the providers of support.

More information and a detailed overview of the conditions and application procedure can be found here:


Source: MŠMT

Picture: Pixabay


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