Christian-Frederic Kaiser Christian-Frederic Kaiser is a Ph.D. candidate in the field of plant-environment interaction as part of the Cluster of Excellence for Plant Science at the University of Dusseldorf, further since 2019 a science communicator and board member at the Eco-Progressive network and early-career researcher campaign "Give Genes A Chance!".


Science communication at the crossroads – Discussing plant breeding from knowledge to values


New breeding techniques hold the potential to advance plant breeding and aid the development of more resilient and sustainable crops, but whether it can contribute to a sustainable transition in agriculture depends greatly on public acceptance and therefore issues of science communication. Furthermore, a sustainable use of these technologies requires maneuvering the often polarized debates in the food and agricultural system. We therefore explore the origins of public rejection of technologies, perception of decision-relevant science, and strategies to overcome these challenges as decisive tools in tailoring the future of plant breeding technologies and other life science innovations in the European Union.