Zdenka Mansfeldová graduated from the Faculty of Art of the Charles University in Prague in 1974, where she studied sociology and psychology. She obtained her CSc. degree (Ph.D.) in sociology in 1988 from Faculty of Art of the Moscow State University. In 1986 she started to work at the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in different positions. In recent years she has been here as a deputy director and head of the Department of Political Sociology. She has specialised in political sociology and has concentrated on the study of the functioning of modern democracies and their institutions, political (parties, parliament) and non-political forms of interest representation, with a long-lasting interest in social dialogue and social impact of security risks and measures. Since 1990 she has participated in more than 30 research projects, including international projects and projects funded by the European Commission under the Framework Programmes. She is the author or co-author of several articles, scientific publications and book chapters. She did research and lectures in several countries like in Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Japan, and Taiwan. She is the head of the Section for Science, Informatics and Education of the Czech Commission for UNESCO.
+420 210 310 563