The Czech Academy of Sciences condemns Russia’s attack on Ukrainian universities

20. 07. 2022

The Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) endorses the statement of the Czech Rectors Conference and the Learned Society condemning the Russian missile strike that hit the two largest universities in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, on 15 July 2022. Eva Zažímalová, President of the CAS, considers the actions of the Russian troops to be completely unacceptable.

The attack on the Ukrainian universities is yet another act – following the attacks on theatres, hospitals, churches, and shopping centres – which confirms Russia’s disregard for any civilisational values and its deep hatred of freedom, declare rectors of Czech Republic HEIs, associated in the Czech Rectors Conference. The barbaric attack on Ukrainian educational institutions has also been condemned by the Learned Society of the Czech Republic, with the Czech Academy of Sciences endorsing the declaration.

“By killing civilians and destroying all the infrastructure in Ukraine, Russian troops are reflecting the very worst of the Russian leadership and the entire country. Their conduct is completely unacceptable to civilised countries,” Eva Zažímalová emphasises.

Acts of aggression by the Russian Federation against the territorial and political integrity of Ukraine have been condemned by the Czech Academy of Sciences since the first day of the invasion by Russian troops. It has offered fellowships, employment, accommodation, and other forms of support to university students, postdocs, and researchers from Ukraine. At the same time, it has terminated or suspended scientific activities with state institutions in Russia and Belarus.

Information regarding the Academy's previous and ongoing support for Ukraine can be found here:

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The vast majority of CAS institutes have joined the Help for Ukraine iniciative

Text: Division of External Relations, CAO of the CAS
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The Czech Academy of Sciences (the CAS)

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The primary mission of the CAS is to conduct research in a broad spectrum of natural, technical and social sciences as well as humanities. This research aims to advance progress of scientific knowledge at the international level, considering, however, the specific needs of the Czech society and the national culture.

President of the CAS

Prof. Eva Zažímalová has started her second term of office in May 2021. She is a respected scientist, and a Professor of Plant Anatomy and Physiology.

She is also a part of GCSA of the EU.