The Czech Academy of Sciences announces fellowships for researchers from Ukraine

08. 03. 2022

To be able to continue research in a safe environment – that is the goal of the Researchers at Risk Fellowship programme, which was approved today by the Academy Council of the CAS. This year, the fellowships will focus on applicants from Ukraine, after which the programme will consider applications from other countries where scientists are threatened by war or persecution. In this way, the CAS aims to support at least 50 Ukrainian researchers by the end of 2023.

The Researchers at Risk Fellowship programme is open until the end of September 2022 to researchers from all fields, including scientists and PhD students, i.e., students in a PhD programme or its equivalent as well as postdoctoral fellows who have already completed a PhD programme or its equivalent.

The proposal is submitted by individual CAS institutes which incorporate the applicant into their research team or department. Funding in the form of a grant will be provided by the CAS until 31 December 2023, and the gross salary of the supported researchers will amount to approximately 45,000 CZK per month, depending on the extent of their employment.

Other countries at risk
By means of this programme, the Czech Academy of Sciences has joined the ranks of prestigious international institutions which are offering similar support, including Germany and the USA.

“Strengthening academic freedoms around the world is in line with the mission of the CAS and its ethical values”, Eva Zažímalová, President of the Czech Academy of Sciences, points out. 

Therefore, the Researchers at Risk Fellowship programme might gradually be expanded in light of the current geopolitical situation to include additional countries where scientists cannot continue their research due to military conflicts or political and religious persecution.

More information on our webpage Help for Ukraine.

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Text: Division of External Relations, the CAS Centre of Administration and Operations
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