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Výběrová řízení AV ČR 08. 07. 2019
Ústav přístrojové techniky AV ČR, v. v. i. vyhlašuje v souladu se zákonem č. 283/1992 Sb. o Akademii věd České republiky, ve znění zákona č. 420/2005 Sb. a Stanov AV ČR výběrové řízení na pozici postdoktorand
Požadavky: Investigation of deep brain structures using multi-mode fiber based endoscopy Imaging at several millimeters depth in tissue, while maintaining the sub-micron resolution available in standard light microscopes, requires new types of endoscopes. Multimode fibers have shown promise as flexible endoscopes, and by using advanced adaptive optics we can overcome the phase offsets between the propagation modes in the fiber, which scramble the image. We are a multidisciplinary team of engineers, physicists and biologists developing different imaging modalities for such multimode fiber endoscopes with target applications in neuroscience and immunology. The successful candidate will work under supervision of Dr. Hana Uhlirova, co-supervised by Dr. Miroslav Hons, the head leaders of the work package focused on applications of these endoscopes in vivo. One of our goal specifically is to investigate neuro- and astro-vascular coupling in mouse deep brain structures which are not accessible by far-filed microscopy. Multimode fiber based endoscopes provide the highest ratio of resolution to probe size among other endoscopes, minimizing the damage of the tissue. This presents a major advantage in the brain where inserting a comparatively thick GRIN lenses presents a substantial disruption to brain circuitry. We follow up on previous work demonstrating high resolution imaging of neurons and their processes in vivo (Turtaev et al., Light, 2018). We are looking for postdocs interested in pursuing the outlined project but we are also open to support the applicant’s own ideas in the field of endoscopy in deep brain structures or possibly lymph organs. The imaging lab is equipped also with a state-of-the-art multi-photon microscope with a confocal module. Essential skills: • PhD in neuroscience, veterinary research or related disciplines • Desire, motivation and persistence in implementing new technologies • Proven hands-on experience in handling animal models (mammals) • Ability to work independently as well as in teams • Good communication skills • Very good English in speech and understanding. • Interest in working on a cross disciplinary project in engineering/optics/neuroscience. Desirable: • Experience in handling mice • Experience in brain surgeries (craniotomy) • Experience in imaging and microscopy ideally in brain in vivo • Experience with building optical setups • Programming skills in instrument control and image analysis (Labview/Matlab/Python) • Evidence of high quality research outputs as lead author. The postdoc position is offered for the duration of three years. The starting date is summer 2019 but is negotiable. The Gate2muproject, also known as "Holographic endoscopy for in vivo applications” is co-founded from the European Regional Development Fund, The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and the Institute of Scientific instruments of the CAS. The project combines expertise in wave-front shaping technologies, fiber optics, and bio-imaging with expertise in neuroscience and immunology, in an effort to introduce new imaging modalities deep inside living organisms. The research is carried out by a team of, currently, 14 people. The group is located in newly refurbished premises of the Institute of Scientific Instruments, featuring two spacious optics laboratories, access to mechanical workshops, a small-animal facility, a bio-lab for preparation of the samples and further support from skilled IT and administrative departments. The institute additionally carries out research in the fields of electron microscopy, microphotonics, high power laser applications (cutting, welding), biomedical imaging (MRI, signal processing) and coherent optics for metrology. Further information about the group and the ISI can be found at: Responsibilities: • Undertake assigned research activities • Contribute to publications in high quality research journals • Collaborate with the members of the other teams/work-packages, who are working on modelling of light propagation in fibers, technology development and non-linear imaging through fibers. • Present work at local and international conferences • Assist with project administration Application Requirements: Applicants must include with their application: • Cover letter outlining the candidate’s suitability for the role • Curriculum Vitae, including overview of past research activities • Names and contact details of at least two referees If you prefer us not to contact the referees until after a potential interview, please indicate this. Contacts: Informal inquires can be directed to Hana Uhlirova, Closing Date: July 31st 2019, but the position is open until filled, and late applications can be considered.
Uzávěrka přihlášek: 31. 07. 2019

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