19. 10. 2018
Spread of dust in atmosphere brings about many risks, including dangers to health or nature. These risks often depend on composition of dust in a given location. ...
16. 10. 2018
Three institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences join efforts with a faculty of Charles University in creation of Karel Čapek Center for Values in Science and Technology. ...
12. 10. 2018
In collaboration with their Swedish colleagues, scientists from the Czech city of Olomouc have developed an unusually efficient method which allows for measuring a record-breaking number of 101 plant hormones (phytohormones) and related ...
08. 10. 2018
The world has another meteorite “with pedigree,” i.e. a meteorite with known pre-impact trajectory in the Solar System. ...
05. 10. 2018
The Czech Academy of Sciences has attained excellent results in the current lists of the Nature Index, which monitors the count of high-quality articles in selected science journals. ...
04. 10. 2018
The Visegrad Group (V4) Academies, along with the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, have issued a joint statement in which they have expressed their concerns regarding the ongoing transformation of the ...

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Celebrate Czech and Slovak Century

In 2018 we will celebrate a jubilee anniversary, which is a good reason for big celebrations. Let us therefore recall the events that have accompanied us throughout the century. Let us be inspired by the people who have moved us forward thanks to their thinking. Let us celebrate our 100 years together!