SAPEA call for nominations - Solar Radiation Modification

03. 10. 2023

SAPEA has published a call for nominations of experts for a new Evidence Review Report on "Solar Radiation Modification". SAPEA will undertake the Report that informs the Scientific Opinion (deadline by June 2024). The Report will be forwarded to the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors to the European Commission (GCSA) to give a scientific advice to EC. In order to inform this Opinion, SAPEA is requested to assemble a working group of experts.

Through this call for nominations, SAPEA will identify:

  1. Nomination of experts for the Working Group,
  2. Nomination of experts for an expert workshop or the peer review process,
  3. Submission of academy reports or other published material that is relevant to the topic and could be used as evidence.

Non-exclusive examples of areas of expertise that may be of relevance are provided below:

Sciences, technology, engineering

  • SRM schemes and technologies (stratospheric aerosol, liquid clouds, cirrus)
  • Satellite observations of volcanoes and climate, clouds and climate, cirrus, radiation
  • Climate model evaluation (physical processes but also dynamics)
  • Climate attribution Storyline approach, tipping points/scenarios
  • Weather and climate extremes (including response to SRM drivers)
  • Earth system; ecosystem responses to climatic drivers (land and ocean ecosystems)
  • Atmospheric chemistry (stratosphere, also troposphere)
  • Climate impacts of solar geoengineering (on biodiversity, marine systems etc.)

Social sciences, humanities

  • International (environmental and human rights) law Juridical aspects of risk and precautionary principle
  • Political science and global environmental governance  
  • Environmental economics; cost-benefit analysis and multi-criteria assessment
  • Sociology of risk International climate regime and UNFCCC climate policy options
  • Governing novel technologies, responsible research and innovation European climate policy (strategies, priorities)
  • Multistakeholder and societal engagement
  • Geopolitics of solar geoengineering
  • Science and technology studies, science - society relations
  • Ethics and human rights, future generations

For more information about the call and the required nomination documents (CV, Letter of recommendation from the Director of the Institute), please contact the Secretariat of your Institute. The internal deadline for nominations is 16 October 2023.

Photo: Pixabay

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