SAPEA Call for Experts

18. 08. 2022

SAPEA call for experts for the working group „Towards Sustainable Food Consumption“.

Below yu can find an example of preferred topics of expertise:

  • Consumer psychology, consumer decision-making, consumer behaviour;
  • Agro-food marketing and retail management, including distribution channels, new product development and pricing policies with regard to food (or fast-moving consumer goods);
  • Digital marketing;
  • Socio-cultural retail studies;
  • Food industry structure; 3
  • Food supply chain;
  • Agricultural economics, including impact of prices and taxes on consumer demand;
  • Behavioural economics, including nudging and type-1 decision-making;
  • Hospitality management;
  • (EU) Food policy and legislation;
  • Anthropology, sociology, history, geography with a food and nutrition focus;
  • Cultural studies of food consumption;
  • Public health, behavioural nutrition, behavioural epidemiology;
  • Global food market and food consumption;
  • Consumer Food Science and Technology.

Participation in the working group is not financially rewarded. SAPEA contributes to transport in case of personal participation. The time commitment is estimated to be approximately half a day per week, with the working group members meeting once a month between September 2022 and April 2023. If you are interested in additional information, please contact me at the email below.

Nomination of the CAS expert should be accompanied by a CV along with a brief letter of recommendation signed by the director of the Institute of the CAS and sent to e-mail: till August 24, 2022 (all in English).

Information about SAPEA are available here:

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The Czech Academy of Sciences (the CAS)

The mission of the CAS

The primary mission of the CAS is to conduct research in a broad spectrum of natural, technical and social sciences as well as humanities. This research aims to advance progress of scientific knowledge at the international level, considering, however, the specific needs of the Czech society and the national culture.

President of the CAS

Prof. Eva Zažímalová has started her second term of office in May 2021. She is a respected scientist, and a Professor of Plant Anatomy and Physiology.

She is also a part of GCSA of the EU.