Belgian FWO launches a call within an Odysseus programme

10. 06. 2020

The Belgian institution Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) launches a call within an Odysseus programme. The Odysseus programme provides outstanding researchers who have built up a career outside Flanders, a start-up funding in order to develop or to set up a research group during a five-year period within a Flemish university, and become progressively more involved in the Flemish research landscape.

What makes this programme unique is the combination of a position at a Flemish university and sufficient project funding to establish their own research team. This symbiosis forms the ideal starting point to attract high level, international research to Flanders.

Project funding (Salary costs for staff, equipment and consumables):

  •           Odysseus Type I: for researchers who are internationally recognised as pioneers in their field - research funding: from 400,000 euro to 1,000,000 euro per year (2,000,000 euro to 5,000,000 euro for the 5-year period).
  •           Odysseus Type II: for postdoctoral researchers who have the potential to develop a leading international position - research funding: from 100,000 euro to 200,000 euro per year (500,000 euro to 1,000,000 euro for the 5-year period).

As an eligible candidate (for Type I as well as for Type II):

  •          you shall not have (had) a main appointment at a Belgian university, research institute, organisation or company for more than one year preceding the FWO submission deadline.
  •          you shall have been affiliated with a foreign institution, with an appointment of minimum 80%, for at least three years in the past five years preceding the FWO submission deadline. During this period abroad, you shall have had an appointment of maximum 10% in Belgium.
  •          you must update your online FWO E-loket profile including a detailed list of publications.

As the university, when nominating a candidate, you should:

  •          officially declare in a binding declaration of commitment – signed by both the university (rector) and the relevant department/faculty (head of department/faculty) – to appoint the candidate, if selected for Odysseus funding, for a period of five years. Either by providing a ZAP position (Type I) or either by providing a full-time tenure track fellowship (Type II).
  •          Deadline FWO: 30th of September 2020 (5 pm Belgian time).
  •          Announcement of results: March-April 2021
  •          Start: up to 1 year after granting date (i.e. March 2022)

Please find more information here.