24. 06. 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic, which broke out more than two years ago, clearly demonstrated the critical importance of science and research. It also revealed how important active communication and information sharing between research institutions is. ...
23. 06. 2022
Hana Hanzlíková from the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the CAS is paving the way for new cancer treatment. With her international team, the researcher discovered which sites in the DNA molecule inside tumour cells represent the basis of the ...
21. 06. 2022
Women in research and leadership positions, equal pay and pay transparency, gender-based violence in academia, appropriate conditions for working parents (researchers). ...
15. 06. 2022
For some people, milk is a fairly common component of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, not everyone can actually consume it. ...
07. 06. 2022
What comes to mind when you picture a hacker? Is it a cybercriminal who never leaves any tracks, always works alone, and avoids the spotlight? This stereotypical image belongs more to the realm of movies than reality. ...
23. 05. 2022
For raw water to turn into drinking water, it must go through a process of complex purification which first removes any physical impurities. ...
19. 05. 2022
Scientific societies are no private clubs, as one might think. Their role is indispensable: they further and develop knowledge, but also comment on social issues. What is their history, purpose, and relationship to the Czech Academy of Sciences? ...
17. 05. 2022
Polarography, a ground-breaking analytical method in physical chemistry which has found application in dozens of fields, recently celebrated its centenary. The current results from researchers at the J. ...



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