19. 11. 2018
When a musical group or orchestra play dissonant tones, listeners are disappointed and unlucky. In the nature of our planet there is an orchestra whose consonance can lead to disasters. It is known as El Niño. ...
19. 11. 2018
How an evolutionary conserved protein complex works in mitochondria, the powerhouses of eukaryotic cells, was published by researchers at Biology Center AS CR in the prestigious journal Current Biology. ...
16. 11. 2018
The Spanish Embassy organised on November 15, 2018, an event "From Nano to Geo" at the Czech Academy of Sciences, which aims to transform ladders into scaffolds.
09. 11. 2018
Under the leadership of Petr Cígler from the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry and Martin Hrubý from the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, both of which are part of the Czech Academy of Sciences, a team of researchers has ...
08. 11. 2018
The simple transport of medicines directly into cells is one of the primary goals of the pharmaceutical industry. In large part, we still don’t possess a detailed understanding at the molecular level of the processes responsible for transporting ...
07. 11. 2018
Destructive cyclones are moving to new areas. This is the conclusion of a new study which documents a long-term shift of the zones affected by tropical cyclones. ...

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Celebrate Czech and Slovak Century

In 2018 we will celebrate a jubilee anniversary, which is a good reason for big celebrations. Let us therefore recall the events that have accompanied us throughout the century. Let us be inspired by the people who have moved us forward thanks to their thinking. Let us celebrate our 100 years together!