doc. RNDr. Daniel Růžek, Ph.D.

Coordinating workplace: Biology Centre of the CAS


  • interdisciplinary research focused on human, animal and plant viruses and viral infections
  • research on novel antiviral strategies and development of new experimental models
  • development of new technologies for fast and sensitive detection of viruses
  • effective transfer of the results into practice, including the development of new vaccines, immunotherapeutics and antivirals
  • integration, synergy and support of research teams working in the field of virology
  • popularization of virology and virus research towards specialists as well as the general public

Participating CAS Institutes
Institute of Philosophy
Institute of Sociology
Institute of the Czech Language
Institute of History
Institute of Ethnology
Institute of Czech Literature
Masaryk Institute and Archives
Institute of Art History
Institute of Psychology
Institute of Archaeology
Institute for Contemporary History

Cooperating partners
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Ministry of Culture
Embassy of Canada to Czech Republic
Jan Neruda Gymnasium, Prague 1
Thomas Mann Gymnasium, Prague 9
National Archives
National Library of the Czech Republic
National Museum
Municipal Museum of Ústí nad Labem
Olomouc Museum of Art
Jiří Mahen Library in Brno
Regional Research Library in Liberec
Municipal Library of Prague
Plato Gallery Ostrava
National Theatre, Prague
CED Brno
Studio Alta, Prague
Prostor 39
Czech and foreign universities and other academic institutes

Virology is one of the fundamental biology disciplines. The significance of virology is growing, as new viruses of medical, veterinary and agricultural importance are being discovered. Recent outbreaks of Ebola, Zika, SARS, or COVID-19 are just a few examples. Global climatic changes may contribute to the emergence of new viruses or changes in the behaviour of known viral pathogens. In the Czech Republic, virus research is highly fragmented and realized by only a few laboratories/institutions. In spite of this, important and internationally sound discoveries in the field of virology have been achieved by Czech scientists. The main goal of this programme is to support the current virology research in the country and reflect the actual challenges. The programme will integrate existing teams focused on virology and support their collaboration as well as sharing of material and equipment. Also, the transfer of the obtained results towards application will be encouraged.

The research within this programme will focus on human, animal, and plant viruses, with a particular focus on structural and molecular aspects of their replication in the host cells. The pathogenesis of viral infections, including immune and immunopathological reactions by the host, will also be investigated. Attention will be paid to research on novel strategies to prevent and treat viral infections, employing the most modern vaccinology and medicinal chemistry approaches. New microchip-based diagnostics methods to detect viruses will be developed. The planned research has vast application potential in the field of development and testing of new diagnostics approaches, vaccines, immunotherapeutics, and antivirals.