Jan Kopecký

Institute of Physiology of the CAS


  • Coordination of research and development for potential pharmaceuticals and their comprehensive preclinical testing at CAS institutes
  • To enhance synergy in the utilization of resources for basic and applied research, and reduce the cost of research into pharmaceuticals
  • To facilitate the introduction into practice of potential pharmaceuticals developed at CAS
  • To foster collaboration between the academic sector and commercial entities
  • To enhance the general perception of the importance of achievements in the academic sector

Participating CAS Institutes
Institute of Physiology
Institute of Molecular Genetics, Czech Centre for Phenogenomics
Institute of Biotechnology
Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, Pigmod Centre
These institutes form the Centre for Preclinical Testing (CPT)

Potential future participants
Other relevant teams at CAS that can provide essential knowhow and services for other types of preclinical tests (e.g. testing of radiopharmaceuticals, utilization of in vivo imaging techniques, testing in the areas of neurobiology and immunology, pharmacological testing on xenografts, genotoxicity testing, etc.) will be invited to participate soon.

Cooperating partners
Pharmakl, s. r. o.
Czech and foreign universities and other institutes

The preclinical testing of potential pharmaceuticals on animals under OECD GLP conditions (GLP-Good Laboratory Practice) is a key element of new pharmaceutical development. The successful completion of preclinical studies is an essential prerequisite for starting clinical trials on humans. The CAS has professionally equipped facilities and quality workers who, through logical participation in the proposed programme, will provide effective and comprehensive testing of new promising pharmaceuticals (including under GLP conditions). The programme will thus significantly help to commercialize the results of basic research and help in negotiations with potential future sponsors of clinical studies. The programme will also enhance the possibility to engage in tenders for contracts from the commercial sphere with the potential for providing future income from patents and licenses. The programme will utilize existing scientific equipment and facility capacities for basic research and will thus secure additional sources of financing. The overall plan for the performance of preclinical testing at the CAS is a perfect fit for the Strategy AV21, since it will facilitate the transfer of the results of basic research into promising therapeutic agents to possible commercial use and clinical practice. IPHYS will act as the main testing facility (performing tests on small laboratory animals) certified by the State Institute for Drug Control (GLP certification).

The other involved institutes will act as test sites, with an established GLP quality system in the area of their competence (excepting the IBT, where it is not necessary). IPHYS will coordinate the whole programme and, in cooperation with the other three institutes, will ensure the further growth and development of the Preclinical Testing Programme in the future. The Institute of Physiology will also coordinate commercial and promotional activities.


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