Tomáš Mocek

Institute of Physics of the CAS


  • To support industry-wide use of intense sources of Radiation as effective tools for research and development
  • To develop and apply new Light-based technologies
  • To boost research cooperation with Czech Photonics industry
  • To strengthen synergies between large Laser Research Infrastructures

Participating CAS Institutes
Institute of Physics
Institute of Thermomechanics
Institute of Plasma Physics
Institute of Scientific Instruments
Institute of Photonics and Electronics
Institute of Physics of Materials

Potential future participants
Institute of Experimental Medicine
J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry
Institute of Biophysics
Astronomical Institute
Institute of Contemporary History

Cooperating partners
Meopta – optika, s. r. o.
Crytur, a. s.
IQ Structures, s. r. o.
ČZ, a. s.
Škoda, a. s.
SQS Vláknová optika, a. s.
Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe, s. r. o.
Gigaphoton Inc.
CARDAM, s. r. o.
Czech and foreign universities and other institutes

The programme is focused on the development of existing and progressive photonics technologies in which the Czech Republic can be soon world leading. An example of these technologies is „additive manufacturing“, where laser technologies are a base for the rapidly-evolving technologies of 3D printing, medical diagnostic methods including invasive and non-invasive methods of treatment or technology of production and preservation of optical components. As lasers are a fundamental component of these technologies, the programme also develops these sources of high intensity radiation.

The programme will include social experts on the history of natural and exact sciences, who will search and study the historical bases of successfully developed optical, photonic, plasma and related fields. Knowing the origin and development of supporting research directions guides the appropriate government authorities’ work on the concepts of planning, management and promotion of scientific and technological activities in the Czech Republic.

The main goals of the program include support for industry-wide use of intense sources of radiation as effective tools for research, development and application of new technologies, development of collaborative applied research, strengthening synergies between the CAS institutes and creating a feedback between the research community and the public represented by education, industry and government.


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