phonectyrokyProf. Pavel Hasal graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1979 at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (UCTP). In 1984 defended his PhD thesis titled "Smoothing of a Stationary Random Signal in a Flow-Through Mixer." Within period 1983–1992 worked as a research scientist at the Institute of Microbiology of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague. Here he was also a member of the scientific council of the Institute. Since 1992 till now he is a member of the Department of Chemical Engineering, UCTP. He became Associate Professor in 1996 and full professor in 2008 in Chemical Engineering at the UCTP. Within period 2003–2009 he acted as the Vice-Dean for Studies at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, UCTP and later as the Vice-Rector for Studies (2009–2012) and Vice-Rector for External Relations and Communication of the UCTP (2013–2016). Since 2003 he is a member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, UCTP and, while being the Vice-Rector, he was a member of the scientific council of the UCTP. He also acts as a member of the Board for PhD studies in Chemical and Process Engineering.

His professional interests aimed at development and study of biocatalysts with immobilised enzymes and microbial cells and their practical applications. In 1986 he was awarded "WIPO Diploma for the Outstanding Invention with Practical Application in Developing Countries." Later on his interests extended to dynamics of non-linear systems in chemical and biological systems, time series analysis, especially in the area of fluid flow in mixing vessels, to bioengineering and reactor engineering and to applications of microorganisms in decolourisation of textile industry waste waters by wood-decaying fungi. He authored and co-authored 55 papers in international journals, 15 patents, and about 200 conference papers. He participated in 3 international research projects, 15 Czech research projects and also participated in a number of educational projects.

His teaching activities include mainly lecturing of chemical and process engineering, fluid mechanics and food engineering and bioengineering. He supervised about 35 Bachelor, Master and PhD theses. He acts on regular basis as a member of the committees for final exams at all study levels.


+420 220 443 167