RNDr. Pavel Krejčí, CSc.

(*1954, Děčín) 


Institute of Mathematics of the CAS

After graduation from the French Lycée A. Daudet in Nîmes, he studied Applied Mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague (1973–1978). He subsequently joined the Poldi Kladno Steel Company as a programmer (1978–1979) and later became a researcher at the Institute for Hydrodynamics of the CSAS (1979–1981). Since 1981, he has been a researcher at the Institute of Mathematics of the CSAS (now the CAS), in which he defended also his PhD Thesis in 1984 and in 2001–2003 served as the Head of the Department of Evolution Differential Equations.

He has completed a long series of stays as visiting professor at foreign universities and research institutions, such as in the USA, France, Italy, Germany, and China. In 1997–2000 and 2004–2009, he was a senior researcher at the Weierstrass Institute in Berlin, where in 2005, he was appointed Deputy Head of the research group “Thermodynamic modelling and analysis of phase transitions”. He then became Director of the Institute of Mathematics of the CAS in Prague for the period 2009–2014. Since 2017, he has been a member of the Academy Council of the CAS as Deputy Vice-President for Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences. In the Academy Council of the CAS, he is responsible particularly for conceptual issues of PhD programmes and for the cooperation of the CAS with higher education institutions and non-university research units.

The area of his professional interests includes partial differential equations, non-smooth evolution problems, variational inequalities, hysteresis, and the applications of these theories and methods in elastoplasticity, thermodynamics, piezoelectricity, etc. He is the author / co-author of two monographs, 114 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 35 articles in conference proceedings, and one German patent. His publications have been cited more than 850 times without self-citations. Between 2002 and 2009, he was the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Applications of Mathematics. He also works at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the CTU. In 2001, he obtained the Award of the Minister for Education, Youth and Sports for extraordinary results of research, experimental development and innovation, and in 2014, he was awarded the Bernard Bolzano Honorary Medal for Merit in the Mathematical Sciences.

+420 221 403 419
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